KICup Youth and Community Engagement

We are extremely proud to say that we put young people at the centre of what we do. They are our primary motivation. We are proud to listen to their views and to promote their opinions loudly and clearly. Their views will always be reflected in how we work and what we provide for their future. Our youth and community engagement service is called 'KICup' and consists of eight areas. If you would like to know more about the 'KICup Programme', please get in touch with the office and ask to speak with Charlotte our Youth and Community Engagement Manager. on 01625 533 531. The name KICup was developed by the young people at the agency meaning 'kids in care' and the 'up' to symbolise how highly the agency regards the views and aspirations of young people.


8 areas of the KICup engagement service

KICup Skills Award

When young people are welcomed to Three Circles Fostering, if they are aged 13 or over they will receive a 'Kicup Skills' book. This is to work through with the important people in their life. When sections are completed they will be awarded with a certificate and award from NT&AS. When they reach 18 they will receive £100 towards setting up in the next chapter of their life. We will also go out and equip young people with their rights and entitlements and advocate on their behalf.

Independence is just the beginning.

Youth Zone

The Youth Zone is a safe space for young people of all ages to meet with their peers, have fun and contribute to how the agency is run. The Youth Zone meets around six times a year in the office or at events organised out in the community. These include ice skating, Flamingo Land, climbing, football parties, picnics in the park and theme park trips!

Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme

Through Achieve, young people aged 13 and over have the opportunity to meet their peers, have a voice in how the agency is run, drive agency improvements and gain qualifications. They will engage in various workshops that will build confidence, teamwork skills and social development. It is a flexible programme and young people gain certificates on completion of each workshop. They have the opportunity to put their efforts towards a diploma in personal development and employability skills if they attend over time. They are all part of the KICup team and are valued members of the Three Circles community.


The aspirations young people have for their futures are an important influence on the direction their life actually takes. At Three Circles we love hearing about the aspirations and achievements of the young people in our care and we work to support them in any way we can. We will send out cards of achievements to young pole when we are informed of them and plan an annual awards afternoon where we all get together to celebrate success.


We consult children, young people and carers in many ways. We visit children independently every 6 months to gather their wishes and feelings. We provide them with information packs to inform them of their rights and entitlements. We have a dedicated KICup call number for children aged 13 and over with access to a mobile phone. We also consult in support work sessions, youth zones and events. We hold regional carer consultation days where we gain carers insight into agency improvements.

Support work

Young people may have access to 1:1 support work should they need it. Young people can also come to the office for sessions themed around what the young person needs, such as internet safety, understanding their rights, support with understanding their entitlement at university etc.

Outreach and Charity

We support other organisation working with children and young people, with significant charitable donations. These donations are made unconditionally, and not to promote our own commercial interests. We attend charitable events and meet with the charities we support. There are a number of organisations in the North West and Yorkshire who we work closely with to drive our practice to be fully inclusive, innovative and supportive.C


We are proud to manage our own digital media here at Three Circles. We do not pay huge sums of money for external organisations to design and run our website and social media. We have a Facebook, Twitter and Youtube account and we keep our website up to date with news and resources.

We have developed a site for young people aged 13 and over entitled This has useful links to advocacy agencies and ties in with some of the activities in the KICup skills award.

KICup productions: