Hello You!

We are so happy to meet you and we hope that you will like living with your foster carers. Your foster carers home is YOUR home. We want you to be safe and happy and to try new things. Maybe there is something you have always wanted to do or have enjoyed before - let your carer know.

It is OK to feel scared or upset. Your social worker will talk to you about why you are living here and help make plans for your future.

your foster carer will go through this site with you if you would like them to.

This page has all the info about living with your foster carers and loads of fun things for you to do like make a rain maker and a fruit pizza!

We have sent you a magazine with all this info as well with a colouring book. So you can keep it with you.

Share your views

If you have a question, some feedback, suggestions for events, a complaint - or just want to talk. Click the button below and share your views with us :)

It is important that you know that anything you share will be recorded and may be passed on to your social worker. If you need to talk to someone confidentially (this means that they won’t tell anybody - unless they are worried for your safety), then call Childline on 0800 1111.

You can also give us a call, anytime using the number below:

01625 533 531



Call 0800 1111 if you need to talk.


You can also ask an adult to help fill out this form with you:

Name *


If you are not happy with Three Circles Fostering you could call Ofsted to tell them.

0300 123 1231

Important people

Ask an adult to you trust to talk to you about these important people.

Independent visitor: an adult friend for children. They may visit and do fun things like going to the cinema or the zoo. If you would like one, tell your social worker and it can be arranged

Supervising Social Worker: They help your foster carer to look after you

Children's Guardian: may talk to you about what you think about your life. They make sure the judge in court knows all about you.

NT&AS Teacher: help you to make sure you enjoy school. They can help you with homework or anything you are finding hard at school.

Social Worker: Their job is to talk to you and your family to make sure you all know what is happening and that decisions made are right for you

Independent Reviewing Officer: Chair the review meetings and make sure you have a voice at the meeting. Their role is to make sure everybody does what they agreed to do.

Youth Zone

We have lots of events at the Youth Zone. Talk to your carers about what events are coming up.



We have set up a survey for you to fill out which will help us plan future events! Ask an adult to help you fill it in.



Ask an adult to talk these words with you.

Advocate: A person who helps you to speak about what you want

Care Order: means that the local authority can make decisions about who you will live with

CAMHS: People who work with young people who have emotional or mental health difficulties

Carers: Your parents or other family members who look after you. Foster carers are people who have been chosen to look after you

Judge: A person who sits at court hearing cases and makes decisions about the outcome

Legal: To do with the law

Report: A written statement

Review: To look at something again. In your review everyone who works with you will talk about how you are doing and what should happen next