Family focused

You will be considered an equal part of Three Circles and will be welcomed with open arms. We are proud to call every carer a part of one wider family. Our offices are covered in family photographs and we have a real homely feel to our operations.

The services we provide to children and their carers very much reflect our priorities and aspirations for children and young people. This fostering agency will always place the interests of our children above everything, including commercial considerations. This objective cannot be achieved without us caring about YOU, your family and each other. Foster carers, social workers, administration staff, teachers, managers and directors are all considered of equal importance. We welcome you for Who you are and who you wish to be.

Foster carer

Ethical leadership

We are proud of Three circles. We believe that everyone is equal. We respect each other’s differences and will not discriminate against others because of age, disability, gender, gender identity, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation.

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Social work

You have 24/7 support from an experienced social work team. You will have a dedicated supervising social worker who will work with you to support you in your fostering journey. They will support you day to day and meet with you regularly. They will create a professional development plan with you to keep your practice up to date.


Peer support

You will have access to regular regional support groups including a group for men who foster. We will link you up with other carers in your area to develop positive networks.


Three Circles considers education to be central to the success of fostering placements and the raising of educational achievements for young people in care. Three Circles ensures that every child placed, regardless of age, ability, special needs or specific learning difficulties, has an allocated teacher from NT&AS who works closely with the child, their foster carers and all other relevant professionals, in order to promote education success.


Independent support

Every carer at Three Circles is a member of the Fostering Network. You will have access to a variety of benefits to help you in the role that you do, including legal protection insurance and helplines.

Youth engagement

The KICup youth engagement service has been developed in consultation with young people. KICup is the umbrella term for the eight areas of the youth and community engagement service.



We will consult you regularly so that you have a voice in how the organisation is run. We produce an annual report so that you can see how your views have impacted service delivery.