Types of Fostering

Types of fostering

Short Term Foster Care

Short term fostering is usually for children and young people who are either in care proceedings or whose parent(s) or care givers are unable to look after them. It could be for weeks, months or possibly two years.

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Fostering Types

Step-down Care

Support for young people making the transition from residential care to a fostering home

Different types of fostering

Long-term Foster Care

Foster care is the child’s plan for permanence, as recorded in their care plan. The foster carer has agreed to be the child’s foster carer until they cease to be looked after.

Types of Fostering

Types of fostering

Respite Foster Care

Respite foster care is a fostering home for a limited time only and provides foster carers with a break. It can benefit both the foster carer and the child by giving them a break from their usual routine.

Foster Types

Emergency Foster Care

There are times when a child may need to be placed in care due to unforeseen circumstances. Providing emergency care at short notice means children can be placed in a safe environment sooner rather than later.

Fostering Types

Parent and Child

Parent and child fostering is a specialist type of fostering where a young parent and baby, comes to stay with you at a time when they need extra support.

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Types of foster

Sanctuary Seeking Foster Care

Foster homes for young unaccompanied sanctuary seekers.

Type of Fostering with Three Circles Fostering

There any many Types of Fostering and we are looking for loving and caring people that can offer safe and secure environments to children in need. If you are interested in fostering and would like to know more about the types of fostering available. Please contact out team today! We are not your average fostering agency.