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Three Circles will not bribe you with money to persuade you to change agencies and join our family of foster carers. In fact, if you are well supported and happy where you are, it would be our sincere wish that you to remain exactly where you are.

However, we will happily speak to any foster carers who feel undervalued, poorly supported and perhaps rather anonymous within their present organisation. If you do decide to join us, you will be considered an equal with everyone already here at Three Circles. This agency is wholly inclusive, and foster carers are our friends as well as our colleagues. It is also a happy agency and a lot of fun to be part of.

There is always a buzz around the place. Our commitment is to our children and young people. This drives what we do, how we do it, what we spend our money on, and our vision for the future. This is a high achieving agency, determined to help children and young people to dream, to aspire, and to reach their goals in life, and we cannot do that without carers like you who support those objectives. 44% of the young people we care for in Year 13 have a place at uni to start in September 2018. This is a monumental achievement we are very proud of, and a tribute to the young people themselves, but also to their carers, social workers and NT&AS teachers.

So, what we will do, at your request, is to come and talk to you and discuss your options. We will do so with absolutely no commitment from you other than just to listen to us, and explore what we have to offer.

Please give this some thought, and consider making that call. 

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