Training courses and career progression

We have a range of courses to offer foster carers, from application to approval and beyond…

Pre approval

Skills to foster - initial foster carers training as part of the application process

Post approval

We are proud of the wealth of training courses we offer to carers. Courses include:

First aid training, cultural awareness, contact, staying put, child development, drugs and alcohol, nutrition and diet, diabetes awareness, sexual behaviour, internet safety, complaints and allegations, promoting positive care, recording, paediatric first aid, safeguarding, sexual health, children and domestic violence, preparing for independence, childcare law, radicalisation, risk assessment, attachment and trauma, LGBT inclusion

Specialist training and formal qualifications

We have a wide range of additional courses for foster carers to widen their scope of skills and deepen their knowledge. Examples include parent and child fostering and level 2 in the children and young peoples workforce. We offer all carers the opportunity to sit GCSE and A Level courses through our partnership with NT&AS. We also offer carers the opportunity to access a bank of 100’s of online training courses through the social care training hub.