1. Children & Young People

The overriding objective of Three Circles Fostering is to focus all of its professional operations and administrative systems on securing highly successful personal, social and educational outcomes for all children and young people placed with us.

2. Foster Carers

All foster carers will be considered and treated as equal partners within the agency, along with their social work, education and administrative colleagues. Foster carers will be consulted, respected and listened to on all key decisions that have an impact on the service they provide to children and young people and that are within the remit of Three Circles.

3. Social Work

The National Minimum Standard (15) that relates to the appropriate placement of children and young people with individual foster families, and the support provided to families by our social workers will never be adversely influenced or undermined by commercial considerations. Placements will be solely exercised by the needs of children and the necessary skills and abilities of individual foster carers (and their existing households), to meet those needs.

4. Education

Success in education for children and young people is crucial to their life-chances, and is a key and underrated factor in enhancing the stability and quality of their foster placements. The NT&AS education service commissioned by Three Circles will remain a high priority within all Three Circles placements, and form an integral and inseparable part of services to children and their carers.

5. Three Circles Fostering

Our objective is to ensure that local authorities are always confident that their children are placed within happy, safe and secure Three Circles foster families, who themselves will receive the highest quality social work, education and administrative support from their agency. It is our intention to mirror this by establishing Three Circles as an agency with a recognisable and real "family atmosphere" at the heart of its operations, with all that implies for its children, foster carers and foster agency staff.


6. Inclusion

Three Circles Fostering is fully committed to the genuine acceptance of difference, and of the right of everyone to be who they wish to be. We will pioneer excellence on behalf of children & young people, and strive to become the leading agency in tolerance, understanding and inclusive practice. We are committed to sharing best practice with local authorities, schools and other children’s organisations, as we ourselves are open ourselves to learning from others.


7. Charities

Three Circles Fostering supports other organisations working with children and young people, with significant charitable donations. These donations are made unconditionally, and not to promote our own commercial interests. Our chosen charities are named on our website.


Statement of Purpose

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