Three Circles' 60 minute makeover.......

Office Decoration

Foster decor 1.jpg

The office was well overdue a much needed face lift!


We decided that the office needed updating so it was not only nicer for us to work in but also so that when we had young people and carers in, it looked less like a formal office. We wanted it to be inviting and somewhere that you can spend time and relax! 

Depending on when you last came to the Wilmslow office, you may have noticed that Seb and Charlotte were sweating and/or covered in paint. I think they would have fainted if they didn't have the unbelievable help of two of our young people. It meant they didn't have to think of any ideas but just had to help fulfill their vision

Foster decor 2.jpg

We started with the training room. So may we now introduce the ‘Rainbow Cafe’! Completely designed by two of our amazing young people. All we had to do was buy the tape and the paint. Then we left them to it and away they went. I think everyone will agree that they did an incredible job. Take a look at the pictures!

One room wasn’t enough for these two however and they began to update the youth room in the main office. A brand new painted wall and sticky backed wood paneling went up to completely transform this space. When you're sitting in this room you would be forgiven for completely forgetting that you were in a busy office!

Foster decor 3.jpg

It’s something we say regularly but we cannot thank these two young people enough. The improvements they have made are huge and will make more of a difference than they realise. Let us know! Speak to any of the team at Three Circles Fostering Agency today and give us your ideas.

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