Raft Building Day! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 14.41.20.png

Picture this. A cold grey morning, you wake up, then remember that you’d decided to plan a Prince’s Trust event at a water park… 

Luckily on the drive to Sale water park, the weather began to brighten up and the minute we all had our wet suits on we couldn’t wait to get in the water to cool down!


First up was raft building. We could use 4 barrels, six logs and as much rope as we wanted. With Seb being the ‘adult’ of team A, the young people looked to him for advice and guidance at the troublesome task of staying afloat in the lake. Team A unfortunately had to completely start over as Seb’s knowledge of Raft building was non existent. 


Team B had Matt ‘Ray Mears’ Walker at the Helm. Matt and his team built a stable raft, required no help and if given a few minutes longer, I’m sure it would have had cup holders. 

Both teams lifted their rafts into the water and we were all certain we were going to be in for an Oxford/Cambridge boat race. 


Team B made it a Metre and got tired. Team A had successfully completed a 720 degree turn. 

Maybe Raft building isn’t Three Circles’ thing.

Canoeing was next, Pick a canoe, pick an oar and away we go. I cannot tell you how unbelievable the group were at this. Seeing 10 young people glide along the water, stop in little groups to chat and help each other when one capsized was amazing. 

Despite planning a day full of activities and making sure we were doing something the entire time, hands down the best thing we all did all day was jump from the end of the pier. Some young people who were a bit nervy around water were bombing in, ‘salmoning’ in (yes it’s a thing and it’s hilarious) and diving in.

From the initial fears that it was going to be a cold miserable day, I could not have been more wrong. We didn’t stop laughing and it was honestly a struggle to get everyone out of the water at the end of the day. 

I would just like to say Thank you to all the young people that came along that day, it was truly special.

P.S. If you’re wondering why Charlotte is not mentioned in this post, she had a sore shoulder and had to take the speed boat (What a cop out - video evidence provided!).