Our Pass - Free bus travel for 16-18 year olds across Greater manchester

Hi everyone,

A carer has kindly told us about this fab scheme across Greater Manchester. Free bus travel for 16-18 year olds. Check out the website below for more details. We have copied some text from the site to give you some more infom about the scheme below.

Thank you


About Our Pass

The new bus pass that gives 16-18-year-olds the freedom to travel, work and learn

Our Pass is the new bus pass for 16-18-year-olds. For a one-off £10 administration fee, it unlocks free bus travel right across Greater Manchester – meaning that young people could unlock potential savings of over £500.

  • Our Pass will cover all local bus services across Greater Manchester.

  • The card removes the hassle and cost of buying tickets or passes for specific routes and operators.

  • Our Pass can be used seven days a week and has no time restrictions for bus travel. It’ll not just make getting to school, college, work and training easier, but also going out with friends and exploring Greater Manchester.

Our Pass is a UK first, a two year pilot that starts on Sunday 1 September 2019. Led by Mayor Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, with support from Transport from Greater Manchester, it has been developed with the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority and a host of other youth organisations, groups, schools and colleges. It has been designed to support young people at a crucial point in their lives. The potential for making Our Pass permanent will be reviewed over the course of the pilot.

Our Pass benefits

Our Pass offers much more than just free bus travel. From Sunday 1 September 2019, Our Pass cardholders will have access to lots of opportunities, experiences and benefits.

We’ll be revealing news on Our Pass benefits throughout the summer and the opportunities will be available in full from Sunday 1 September 2019.