I looked like I had swam to Alton Towers.......

The Wicker man was great! Nemesis was amazing! Rita was unbelievable! 13 was terrifying!

It was a lovely morning when we set off… Luckily the boot of my car looks like a wardrobe so I began handing out coats and jackets to various staff and children when the heavens opened. 

Foster with Three Circles.jpg

I somehow ended up being the only person without a hood and therefore looked like I had swam to Alton Towers. 

As usual, the first conversation we had when we arrived was “Which way do we go?” Once we decided we were heading for the brand new for 2019 ‘Wicker Man’ we all followed Charlotte as she pretended she knew where she was going. (One of the kids actually said to me that she was glad we had Charlotte because she always knew what she was doing. I was quick to tell her that Charlotte actually just acts like she does and is confident about it).

Fostering Alton Towers.jpg

Nemesis came next and the young people we were with had never been on it. We let them know what they were in store for and they were good to go. They loved it! If there weren't so many rides at the park we could have queued again. 

Every ride we went on we’d discuss if it was better than the last and every ride we went on seemed to be my favourite. 

Foster event.JPG

Our stomachs were rumbling so we headed to the section of the park that had several food stalls and vendors in it. This was Matt's time to shine. The real reason he came to Alton Towers. Lunch. He had 3 kebabs, 2 portions of chips, 4 burgers, 2 chicken burgers and a slice of pizza. Luckily we've never seen him part with his food so we knew that more roller coasters weren't going to affect him. We still chose where we were sitting on the next ride, carefully, just in case. 

We felt it was time for a change of pace after lunch and so we chose to go on the gentle river ride. We were already wet from the rain so a little bit of splash wasn’t going to hurt. In typical fashion the only person that got splashed was Charlotte. Perfect.

It was nearing the end of the day and we decided to queue for ‘Smiler’. We all know about the history of that ride so there were a couple of conversations about it but we know the safety standard of these parks is thorough enough that we were at ease. We got to the stairs to get on the ride and there was an announcement telling us the ride was delayed for technical issues… That was enough for us. We weren't going to chance it so we began to head for home. 


The day was a huge success. The kids were fearless and despite the fact that they were all new rides to them, they faced them head on as they do with so many other challenges in their lives. They continue to inspire us all.

As usual we want to thank everyone who came! We hope to see everyone at the next TCF event!

Three Circles Fostering