Next Steps

Next Steps

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We have just had our first ‘Next steps’ meeting. What is Next steps? Next steps is a council of carers, care leavers and staff whose goal is to help young people in care achieve and fulfill happy lives.

We had 6 people attend our first meeting. 2 care experienced, 1 carer, Seb, Charlotte and Matt from the engagement team. It is always great to hear other people's thoughts and also hear directly from young people about the care that they receive. As ‘professionals’ (in the loosest sense of the term), we can do our best to make decisions and implement strategies that we think will benefit the lives of the young people we look after, but we will never have the experience of being in care or even caring directly for kids in care. It makes it an invaluable resource to be able to hear from those who have that experience.

Knowing the people in this group, the next steps that we’ll be taking with ‘Next steps’ will be more like huge strides.

Watch this space!

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