Welcome guides

Every few years we update our children's welcome guides. For us, this is not something we wanted to rush. We really wanted to make something totally unique, child focused and most importantly - made by young people.

So we did what we always do - got in touch with some young people and asked them for help! Of course, they were amazing and told us everything we were doing wrong and told us exactly what they wanted in the new guides.

Off to work we all went on the new guide for ages 5-8. Everyone wanted it to look like a comic, so we got our design hats on and had a lot of fun researching comic books (Seb mostly). Everyone was really pleased with the finished mag, it looks like something you could buy from the magazine aisle. It comes complete with a fun planner, colouring books AND crayons :)


The next job was to make the guide for ages 9 and up. This was tough! Because there is such a big difference between age 9 and 13. So we decided to split the age group and make another guide (we love giving ourselves more work)! The new guide is for those age 9 - 12, and it is cartoon themed (by request of young people). Instead of a colouring book it comes with a journal and some stylish pencil crayons, it has loads of fun and games inside and loads of info about fostering. 

Finally, we made the 13 - 18 guide. Some fab young people came into the office and did loads of work on this to make it a really fab mag for teenagers. It has a who is who page (themed around mobile phones) and loads of tips, apps and sites young people can access online. This mag is truly made for young people, by young people and we could not be more proud of that fact. It is full of quotes with little pieces of advice from other young people welcomed to Three Circles. We hope you all enjoy these, and share any feedback you have for future reviews.

Thanks everyone :)

Check out these links to see the guides in more details 5-8, 9-12, 13-18.

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