Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the park

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I always love this event! No nonsense just meeting up for a picnic in the park! Bring some sandwiches, bring a football and we spend time with each other. The young people and carers who come love it too. 

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We took over a small section of Heaton Park and set up a croquet set, Quoits and a football goal. We were checking the weather everyday in the lead up to Saturday to make sure we’d still be able to go. RAIN RAIN RAIN. Poynton was underwater, Whaley bridge was evacuated. Saturday came, and we had to bring the sun cream out! It was roasting! We could not have been luckier with the weather. Full sun! We had to keep sitting under the tree to get some shade and cool down. Definite Ice cream weather. 

Matt turned up to a picnic without sandwiches. So I had to share. He then complained about my choice of filling! 

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One of our social workers Andy, brought his dog Hugo who the kids were playing fetch with. The dog was knackered! The kids definitely out ran Hugo. He retreated to the sand pit in the shade and buried his ball so the kids couldn’t find it to throw.

Another great event. More great people!

Thankyou to everyone who came!!!!!

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