LGBT History Month... don't miss this fab resource!

LGBT History Month is celebrated in February in the UK. Each year, The Proud Trust (who are fabulous) teams up with Schools OUT UK and LGBT History Month to write a simple, easy to use, education and resource pack.

It is FREE to download from this page

Please share this resource, it is well worth it! The theme this year is of such great importance, exploring LGBT+ activism in the year marking 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, a pivotal moment in LGBT+ rights and history. It is crucial that the struggles and fights of others, to give us the lives we have today, are recognised. It is also so important that we understand the fights that are still continuing to happen, and still need to happen, to give folk liberation and peace.

Words above taken from the Proud Trust website - they are a fantastic youth organisation across the North West doing life saving work with young people.