Celebrating Achievements

Celebrating achievements is one of our favourite things to do at Three Circles! Last month we heard about so many fantastic achievements!

We want to 'shout these out' to say how proud we are of you all! Here are some of the fantastic things we heard about in January!

  • "Joining the cadets"
  • "Being able to play basketball in the national league"
  • "Going to United for the first time"
  • "Certificate for star of the week"
  • "Getting a trophy in school for achievement"
  • "Getting a bronze award"
  • "getting the highest in a maths test at school"
  • "Getting an enrichment award for being great in school"
  • "Getting a distinction"
  • "Nearly getting all the characters on the lego movie game"
  • "Scored loads of goals"
  • "Started the Achieve programme with the Prince's Trust"

Well done to everyone! We cannot wait to celebrate what you will achieve next!