Care Day 2018

Making the most of Care Day 2018

16 February 2018

Care Day is a joint initiative between children’s charities across the whole of the UK and Ireland, under the 5 Nations, 1 Voice alliance. The charities in the alliance are: Become in England, EPIC in Ireland, VOYPIC in Northern Ireland, Who Cares? Scotland, and Voices from Care in Wales.

Care Day 2018 will celebrate the rights of care-experienced children and young people across the UK, Ireland and beyond. The 5 Nations, 1 Voice alliance invites every care-experienced child, young person or adult to join in this day of celebration. It also invites every corporate parent, elected representatives, third sector organisations and other supportive organisations and individuals to join in this celebration.

Every care-experienced person deserves to have a childhood in which they thrive and are celebrated for every part of who they are and what they achieve. It’s their right – and this Care Day, we will be shouting about that from the rooftops across the UK and Ireland.

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