Many care leavers go on to achieve amazing things in higher education

So can you...


Become charity

Since 1992 they have been working to improve the everyday lives and future life chances of young people who are unable to live with their birth families. They have some fantastic fact sheets including your entitlements in education on their website.

In care or a care leaver? Looking for help and advice? Talk to them in confidence – online or over the phone. 

You can call them on 0800 023 2033 between 10:30am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, or email us at


Higher Education Activities and Resources for Care Leavers, Children in Care and Those Who Support Them.


Specialist education tuition nationwide. Working with children in care, with special educational needs, schools and local authorities. CLICK HERE to download their leaflet and how they can support you.


Young people in or leaving care are being encouraged to 'tick a box' on their university application that can open the door to extra financial support. Click the image to enlarge the info sheet on why it is important to tick the box.



is an initiative by Become, the charity for children in care and young care leavers. It’s their ambition to provide information on care leaver support for every university and college across the UK. 

If you'd like to be a part of this exciting and vital project - or have any questions - get in touch with the Propel team:

0207 251 3117

Click the image below to be directed to their website to search courses in your area and to find out what they offer care leavers.