can i be trans and foster?

Yes! As long as you can provide a warm, nurturing and stable environment for a child or young person, you may have what we are looking for! The process to becoming a foster carer can be intense, it is the same process for all people (no matter how they identity). Everybody’s journey to becoming a foster carer is an individual one, and one that we will take with you every step of the way.

We are pioneering support for trans foster carers

In 2018 we supported CoramBAAF to write a best practice document entitled ‘Assessing and Supporting transgender foster carers and adopters’.

We are proud of our ethos of inclusion and we do not discriminate people because of any protected characteristic - including gender identity.

We are proud of the diversity this world has to offer, and to provide the best possible homes for children and young people, we need a diverse group of foster carers to care for them! Could you be one of them?

What we will do

  • We will ask you your pronouns and respect them

  • We will train all our foster carers in understanding trans identities

  • We will pioneer excellence in supporting trans foster carers

  • We will talk you through what to expect in the assessment process, and what this means in terms of discussions about your identity

  • Link you up with support groups

  • We will work closely with you and agree how best to obtain information required for checks and references.

  • Talk to you in depth about matters of confidentiality and privacy at the outset

What we won’t do

  • We will not discriminate against you

  • We will not tolerate transphobic language

  • We will not commence an assessment unless you have consented

  • We will not use stereotypical thinking

  • Use binary language in our assessment

  • We will not tolerate bullying or hate in any form and will support you if you experience this

  • We won’t stop supporting you as long as you remain a Three Circles carer